Providing Quality Texts and Voices to Spanish-Speaking Audiences

The Spanish Pedagogical Translation and Multimedia Resource for Academic and Health Care Institutions

Because Health Care
Starts With Language...

Hospitals! Let us manage your patient-facing texts, and multimedia materials to establish a culturally sensitive connection with your patients.

What We Do

Pedagogical Translations
Highly-Effective Pedagogical Translations for Medical Agencies, Publishers and Academic Institutions.

Bilingual Voice Productions
High-Quality Recordings of Tutorials, E-Learning Modules, Multimedia Projects, Radio and TV Spots, etc.

Our goal is to empower our audiences through truly effective adaptations that convey meaning and culture.

Helping Hospitals Reach Cultural Proficiency

Going up or going down? A culturally medical organization recognizes the importance of adequately translated information.

Improve your HEDIS Score

Improve your HEDIS score by expanding your orientation and education efforts to your growing Hispanic community.

They LanguageCare


Keeping it Real

What are the demographics of your Spanish speaking population? Our region-specific editors make sure we strike the right cutural note.