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The Spanish Pedagogical Translation and Multimedia Resource for Academic and Health Care Institutions


"I contracted LanguageCare to provide Spanish translations of several thousand terms for our Signing Science Dictionaries for high school students who are deaf and hard of hearing. This NSF-funded project requires attention to a myriad of details so that the translations are scientifically and linguistically accurate. It also requires the translator to have a broad understanding of physical science and life science content so that the nuances of meaning for each term are clearly stated. LanguageCare was able to fulfill all of these requirements.

Their work is exemplary! Additionally,  Iñigo is a joy to work with. He provides intelligent and useful suggestions that serve to improve the final product, provides frequent updates to the status of the project as he works, and completes whatever he is asked to do on or before schedule.
I would recommend LanguageCare very highly."

Judy Vesel
Principal Investigator


"I have worked with LanguageCare on numerous projects that require translation and have been very pleased with their performance. Having worked at an academic medical center in the Bronx, NY, there were certain translations that were required for the masses in advertising and other more community-directed projects needed a specific dialect for translation. LanguageCare was able to tailor our needs and work with numerous staff members in our health system to get each job done professionally and on a timely basis. They managed to turn in high quality work with very short notice. I look forward to working with them in the future."

James Gerontzos

Marketing Manager

Department of Marketing & Communications


"We have been working with LanguageCare for more than 10 years, which is a testimonial in itself. Iñigo's knowledge of the Spanish language and cultures can only be described as encyclopedic. His company has provided us with brilliant, culturally sensitive translations, software localization services and scripts for our education video projects.  Not many people can blend creative writing, instructional design and pedagogy into a feature-grade script. Iñigo can, and we have won several Telly Awards for scripts he has written."

Andrei Campeanu