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Iñigo Javaloyes

     Why Us

Born in Spain, Iñigo Javaloyes obtained a Masters Degree in Journalism in 1992. Soon after he moved to New York City, where he worked as a cultural and science correspondent for a major Spanish newspaper. He later worked as a writer and translator for the Spanish Language Department in McGraw Hill, where he translated, adapted and developed educational material for Spanish language schools across the USA.

In 2005, he founded LanguageCare, where he combined his many years of experience as a pedagogical writer and translator to offer Spanish language services to local medical organizations with a focus on regional specificity.

  1. Much more than a translation agency
    Our emphasis on pedagogy, our commitment to effectively communicate key information to your target audience and our understanding of the regional nuances of Spanish, set us apart from the competition.

  2. Personalized service
    LanguageCare is a company with a select group of long term clients. With us you will receive frequent updates on your projects, and suggestions to optimize the quality and cost efficiency of the final product.

  3. Experience and excellence
    We have been providing translation services to Spanish-speaking clients for more than a decade. Our focus on customer service has left a trail of satisfaction. (See our Testimonials page).